Melania Trump unveils White Home Christmas decorations after controversy | USA TODAY

Christmas is in full swing on the White Home regardless of disparaging remarks from FLOTUS Melania Trump.
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The White Home is adorned for Christmas. The reveal comes weeks after the primary woman made disparaging feedback about her vacation adorning duties.

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38 thoughts on “Melania Trump unveils White Home Christmas decorations after controversy | USA TODAY

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  2. Merry Christmas celebrate in Joy Peace And Love 💕
    thank you for the work that goes into this beautiful " Celebration"
    I pay all your dreams to come true!!!

  3. You didn't lift a finger, you used tax payers dollars, you don't even know not one child that's on the gift card, plus "You dont give a flying Santa f*ck". Instead you should be packing! "First Lady, First Out"! 👋📦⏳

  4. a shame she has ruined this beloved tradition for most Americans with her vulgar UnAmerican rant, complaining about decorating the peoples' house and acting like a first lady! she has done pretty much NOTHING for 4 years. good riddance.She can always go back to her communist roots

  5. I saw a program on TV once about the Christmas decorations. They start them in March. Themes, meetings, 50 states participate, meetings and more meetings. The family usually goes to Camp David for Thanksgiving because it gives the secret service the day off. Camp David is guarded by the marines. Volunteers come in on the weekend and do it all at once.

  6. I visited the White House last Christmas – my American wife wanted our kids to see the White House. Her decoration style was Big loud soulless overblown and covered in fake gold with fake wisps of snow on top … just like her man.

  7. She loves the holiday and we love her. She has given us beauty and wisdom and spirituality since she has been in the white house. Thank you for all that she has given the nation.

  8. I saw Melania's Christmas video weeks ago and thought it was beautiful and she looked perfect, obviously. However I did think, what a strange thing to have to be involved in, with everything going on right now. Her commenting that she found it shallow and stupid, makes me like her more. We love you Melania!! You are such a strong amazing woman in so many ways! Love that you have more substance than to care much about the superficial stupid elements. You are real, have depth and that this video leaked is proof that you and Mr. President are in a hell of betrayal all around you. God is with you.

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