Watch: President Biden celebrates Pleasure Month on the White Home | US-TODAY.NET

President Biden and first girl Jill Biden maintain a reception and ship remarks to have a good time Pleasure Month on the White Home.
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16 thoughts on “Watch: President Biden celebrates Pleasure Month on the White Home | US-TODAY.NET

  1. It’s hard to people to care about “pRidE mONth” when they are suffering from real world problems like high gas prices or shortages of baby formula. Both of these issues mind you, are direct results from this child sniffer’s actions and policies

  2. Pride in what?
    Having voted for the anti-gay rights “Defense of marriage act”?
    Having stated that marriage is between a man and a woman?
    When he said he thought gay federal employees were a “security risk”?
    The debacle in Afghanistan?
    The Marines that died due to his haste?
    The innocent aid worker they killed in retaliation?
    Closing an oil pipeline that has caused soaring energy prices?
    Inflation higher than it’s been since the Carter admin?
    Lower pole numbers than Trump despite the media attacking Trump and protecting Biden?
    Pride in his unwillingness to answer questions?
    Pride that every time he is in office Russia invades Ukraine?
    Maybe he is proud of the border crisis that everyone has forgotten about?
    Or the vaccines that the Trump admin made happen but he pretends he did despite them being released before he took office?
    Maybe he is proud of how well armed the Taliban is with US weapons we left behind?
    Or his inability to finish a statement before he gets lost and says “well anyway” and trails off?
    Maybe it’s his racist comments he has made his whole life that he is proud of?
    His affection for the openly racist Robert Bird?
    Maybe it’s the baby formula shortage?
    Maybe it’s the surge in crime the country is experiencing?
    The labor shortage?
    Authoritative covid policies?
    His son, the drug abuser?
    His son, who had shady dealings in Ukraine?
    His quid pro quo to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired?
    His son who lied to buy a firearm?
    His son who improperly handled said firearm and could have let it fall into the wrong hands?
    His son’s laptop?
    His Vice President who laughs inappropriately when asked about pressing issues?
    The printing of money by the admin for “build back better” that has resulted in the devaluation of the dollar?
    Maybe it was the time he said “unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things” that he is so proud of?
    Or this: “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”
    Maybe he is proud of his opposition to bussing to desegregate community schools.
    So much to be proud of at the White House!

  3. Pride is back at The White House
    Lust is back at The White House
    Gluttony is back at The White House
    Sloth is back at The White House
    Envy is back at The White House
    Wrath is back at The White House
    Greed is back at The White House

  4. The Nation of Islam say the name President Biden the Nation of Islam Muslim Nazis that promote hatred of gay lesbian and transsexuals of America they're your biggest supporters the Nation of Islam who promotes racial hatred in America they're your members of your party Mr Biden the Nation of Islam Muslim Nazis say their name by then say the name of the nation of Islamic Muslim Nazis racist anti-semites and the promoters of killing gay men women and transsexuals the Nation of Islam the largest member of the Democratic party with millions of followers promoting racism anti-Semitism in America President Biden say their name the Nation of Islam President Biden say their name the Nation of Islam racist anti-semite

  5. LINE OF DUTY TRAGEDY: Highway patrol officer in critical condition after being shot during traffic stop
    This is the fault of the Radical Left Anti Police Biden Administration.
    It is they who defunded and labeled police as enemies of the people and promoted hatred for the police so that every nut job in this country will think that they have approval to shoot police officers.
    Let your voices be heard loud and clear at the polls and vote this entire Mickey Mouse Administration out of office.

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