President Biden vows to ‘take motion’ in opposition to Saudi Arabia | US-TODAY.NET

President Joe Biden mentioned the U.S. “will take motion” on arms gross sales to Saudi Arabia after oil manufacturing lower.

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Biden is consulting with Congress on whether or not to take motion in opposition to Saudi Arabia. The administration argues the Saudi Arabia-led oil cartel’s lower in manufacturing will assist drive up the price of gasoline, boosting Russia’s oil income simply as the US and its allies are attempting to cut back Russia’s oil earnings. Rising pump costs might additionally harm Democrats in subsequent month’s midterm elections.

Lawmakers have proposed blocking any future arms gross sales to the Saudis in addition to permitting the Justice Division to make use of antitrust legal guidelines to problem the OPEC+ international locations and their state-owned oil firms. Whereas the safety technique does not point out Saudi Arabia particularly, within the part on the Center East, the administration encourages “vitality producers to make use of their sources to stabilize international vitality markets, whereas additionally getting ready for a clear vitality future and defending American customers.”

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40 thoughts on “President Biden vows to ‘take motion’ in opposition to Saudi Arabia | US-TODAY.NET

  1. first of all mr president pls go and see a doctor have some mental issue..he only know to threaten others ..he dont how to make peace with others .there is no peace in his mind then how can he make peace with others

  2. your teachings are love and compassion but, by savagely destroying the civilizations of other countries and killing thousands of innocent people in iraq, syria, afghanistan and palestine… is your religion true?

  3. GREAT GENEROUS (too kind) peace to you all .. Russian workers and peasants … miners, doctors, comedians, builders, gardeners …. LOW BOW TO ALL WORKING PEOPLE. IN EVERY CORNER OF THE WORLD THERE IS YOUR CAST IRON, GOLD, PRECIOUS AND NON-FERROUS METALS —- URA RUSSIA

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  4. They're not going to increase production. If you could increase your salary dramatically by maneuvering, wouldn't you do it?
    They're going to hold off and wait for the reserve to be depleted. When that happens they'll get considerably more for their oil.
    Heads of countries will be coming to them on their hands and knees and beg.
    The price for gas then, will be considerably more than what it is now.

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  6. the only action biden has to take is pump more oil in his own country less than 2 years ago Trump had massive stocks of oil it's a controlled demolition of the American economy vote the democrats out in November

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