John Fetterman wins Pennsylvania, praises turning ‘purple counties blue’ | US-TODAY.NET #Shorts

Democrat John Fetterman gave his victory speech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after defeating Dr. Mehmet Oz for a seat within the Senate.

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John Fetterman received the U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania, beating Trump-backed superstar Dr. Mehmet Oz and overcoming considerations that his stroke restoration had foreclosed his probabilities at victory.

Fetterman, the state’s lieutenant governor, had been main within the polls by vital margins over the summer time, however tv host Oz began to shut the hole in latest weeks, notably after the rocky debate efficiency by Fetterman.

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47 thoughts on “John Fetterman wins Pennsylvania, praises turning ‘purple counties blue’ | US-TODAY.NET #Shorts

  1. Pennsylvanians are really screwng themselves. They elect Joe Biden when he clearly stated that he was gonna end the oil industry and now they elect fetterman who has no idea what the hell is going on. You vote stupid, you're gonna get stupid

  2. ANYONE who needs confirmation of media bias, watch the long format answers of Fetterman in his debate against Dr. Oz. It might be the cringiest thing you see in 2022 or your money back.

  3. in 2020 he spoke about releasing 1/3 of the prison population out and back to their families. Imagine the revolving doors policies that NYC has but in Pennsylvania…..
    Going to be quite a show when crime spikes in PA.

  4. We’re so f’d. Can the dems not find someone who isn’t cognitively impaired?? Is this some kind of joke?? I wouldn’t trust this clown to make my happy meal let alone any kind of decision that is actually important!!! “Good night everybody!!” Sir it’s 4pm and we haven’t even started and where are your pants??

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