How winter climate may give Ukraine or Russia a bonus in conflict | JUST THE FAQS

As conflict drags on, winter will current difficulties for each Russia and Ukraine. This is what the brutal climate means for the battle.

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Winter comes early in Ukraine, and the Kremlin is aware of it. Because the combating grinds on, Ukrainians are bracing for winter beneath traditionally harsh circumstances. Seven months of conflict have taken a toll on a nation that was Europe’s poorest even earlier than Russia’s army belligerence broken or destroyed 1000’s of residential buildings, faculties, hospitals and neighborhood buildings.

In current weeks water techniques and power vegetation have been the main target of Russian missiles and exploding drones. The collapse of infrastructure has put hundreds of thousands of individuals vulnerable to dropping entry to electrical energy, water, even shelter, the Worldwide Rescue Committee warns. Volodmyr Omelyan, the previous Ukraine infrastructure minister, estimates that 40% of the nation’s power sector has been broken or destroyed. Russia’s intent is apparent, he says – drive the populace to undergo. Weaken their resolve. 

“However Ukraine is just too massive to fall,” Omelyan instructed US-TODAY.NET. “And Ukrainians perceive that if we give up we shall be destroyed.” So rolling blackouts have change into a lifestyle in areas which have any energy in any respect. And President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warns that Russia will do the whole lot it could to interrupt the resistance of Ukraine this winter – “one other sort of Russian terrorist assaults, concentrating on power & important infrastructure,” Zelenskyy tweeted.

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48 thoughts on “How winter climate may give Ukraine or Russia a bonus in conflict | JUST THE FAQS

  1. Ukraine will have a huge advantage on the military side. They have winter parkas, mitts, boots, sleeping bags and food. The Russian army in contrast will freeze to death with their poor gear.

  2. Winter will gives more advantages to Russia
    You know why? Ukraine is facing a huge problem, without electricity, gasoline, petrol, economy, and lack of water. Russia attacks would be only drones and destruction of Kyiv

  3. Nah, I'm betting it's going to be a war in paper. Ukraine will take back it's territory and Russia will retreat. After that it's just going to send missiles every Tuesday. After awhile, Russia will move on knowing Ukraine will never push for a full on war again. So we will have a tense border like SK/NK but more heavily fortified. Or Russia miraculously hand over Putin.

  4. Ukraine needs to get the upper hand in the short term. Ukraine needs to cripple the supply chain and logistics of the Russians. Without food and ammunition it’s a loosing battlefield and proposition for the Kremlin. Inconceivable to ponder that we are dragging this out, when you consider it’s in Putin’s best interest. Ultimately Ukraine may need to negotiate, but he who has the military advantage has a better seat at the bargaining table.

    Russia still thinks it can win the war. They’ve shown brutality, propaganda and force to achieve their goals without remorse. It’s to everyone’s detriment that we appease Putin with a land for peace agreement. That only solidifies that war is justifiable – an ends to a means. Not a fitting conclusion with innocent lives who fought and died for democracy.

  5. Day 255: Putin's army still attacking infrastructure. End this boring European war.

    America are still the only monsters to have used nuclear weapons against Japan 77 years ago.

  6. We should be glad in this world we have the United States we are grateful for American justice
    Thanks for help Ukraine💪💪💪💛💙💛💙💛💙

  7. It definitely won’t be an advantage for Russia. Ukrainians have a much better chance of dealing with it and surviving it than a bunch of untrained, underequipped, half-starved Russian soldiers trying to survive living outside in the cold. Look for tons of them to surrender just so they can sleep somewhere warm and have something to eat.

  8. Russia is not as famous for being able to wage winter war as the Russian winter is for it’s ability to stop and stymie invaders. The Finns kicked Russia’s butt at winter warfare. The Russian military seems so far to be plodding and slow with poor supply, logistics and morale. Not a winning posture for winter warfare. The Ukrainians are no strangers to winter, are defending their home from invaders, and are motivated and well supplied. In this instance I don’t think winter will give any advantage to Russia, very possibly the opposite.

  9. I don't understand how can they have negotiations at this point hasn't Russia crossed so many lines and committed so many war crimes that Putin is either going to be executed or spend the rest of his life in jail how is that not going to happen regardless of what happens in the end of the war?

  10. You readers need to cut through the bullshit. The United States put Ukraines president into office. Ukraine is not part of the UN but we are sending troops and superimposing our country into this war.
    Spite the president stating we would not be involved. He lied and he did not ask the people. We are once again in a war, and a war we should not be in.
    We are at war, right now. Let this sink in.

  11. Putin, who couldn’t support his army in summer. Is waking his doped up citizen families with one sad phone call at a time, realizing he’s stuffing his brigade cannons with Russian children.

  12. The Ukrainian civilians will have a hard slog this winter because of the war crimes inflicted on their power and water infrastructure, but their soldiers will have winter kit and ammo, etc, while the conscript/convict "army" opposite them will have nothing. Two weeks after the mud freezes, the Russians in Kherson will be routed.

  13. It means suffering will increase for all participants? Why not negotiate as that’s were it will end anyway? Wonder how many Biden family types get rich off this war?

  14. Comment 78: Without the sound there is no voice confirmation.

    12:45 pm CST
    Oct. 27, 2022
    Charity Colleen Crouse

    By the way… voice profiles count as "biometric identifier information" under the laws of the State of Texas.

  15. Winter is not going to be hard for Russia as they have tons of extra energy. Cold will be killing tons of innocent Ukraine lived as the Russians sit back in their heated homes. Peace talks will save lives.. No one wins in war except weapons companies.

  16. Thing is though, we took a gamble sending weapons and (taxpayer's) money to Ukraine, banking on them to win, and even if they do, we don't get any of it back, they will have used most of them. Also, how do we know how much money Ukraine needs to rebuild when they haven't even taken back the territory they need to assess?

  17. What will happen when there are no covers left in winter. The side with the kamakazi drone will find easy target in all kinds of places. One side is going to lose a lot of weapon during this time.

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