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The group of scientists, aviation officers and a former astronaut, will research UFO proof which is able to “lay the groundwork” for future research.

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What’s behind all these UFO sightings? We might discover out. NASA introduced the 16 individuals who will spend the following 9 months learning unidentified aerial phenomena, also called UFOs. Utilizing unclassified information, the workforce will “lay the groundwork for future research” of UFOs by inspecting how the info is gathered by the general public, native authorities and different sources. The objective is to have a roadmap for NASA’s information evaluation on the flying objects, and decide what occasions are pure or not.

“Exploring the unknown in house and the ambiance is on the coronary heart of who we’re at NASA,” Thomas Zurbuchen, affiliate administrator of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA, stated in a press release. “Understanding the info we have now surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena is crucial to serving to us draw scientific conclusions about what is going on in our skies. Information is the language of scientists and makes the unexplainable, explainable.”

The announcement of the research contributors comes amid a renewed curiosity in UFOs. In June 2021, the workplace of the U.S. Director of Nationwide Intelligence launched a extremely anticipated report inspecting unidentified aerial phenomena, however no “agency conclusions” may very well be drawn on greater than 140 cases.

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26 thoughts on “NASA learning UFO proof | US-TODAY.NET

  1. Consider the use of "flying saucers" (UFOs) as a means of delivering atomic weapons. This is very important and relevant, due to the fact that air defense is sharpened against ballistic missiles and aircraft, and UFOs calmly overcome them. The risk threshold has decreased – an atomic war may begin.

    It was the phenomenon of such devices in the late 80s that frightened the leadership of the USSR. All these "UFOs over Krasnoyarsk", "UFOs over Perm" + the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant… Therefore, the leaders of Communist Party went to an honorable surrender…

    However, for 30 years, the Russian Federation has been able to bring its electrokinetic flying machines to mind, and now there is panic in the United States – unknown objects are flying over the territory of both NATO and the United States. They have something to be afraid of: such combat UFOs will successfully deliver nuclear bombs to decision-making centers and enemy missile silos, bypassing air defense.

    Americans were very scared of russian "flying triangles" and other unidentified phenomena, so the May meeting of the US Congress on UFOs was started in open mode, and then had to be classified. There are still no details in the media – what did the congressmen learn from intelligence? Now the situation is extremely tense, because "flying saucers", "triangles", etc. are very dangerous weapons. So, the threshold for starting an atomic war has dropped sharply, there is a real temptation to strike the first blow without fear of a response…

  2. The government 1947-2020 : UFOs from other worlds and aliens do NOT exist.
    The government 2021- Present : We don't know what the heck these things are.

  3. Yeah the aliens are waiting for us so that we become more powerful and make stronger weapons in order for them to be ready to attack us, they have morals they will never attack us with their post modern technology incase we weren't developed enough, omg and people still believe this shit, we have never seen UFOs in Africa or Arab countries or even Asian countries, UFOs always appear in USA and European skies on the social media reports, mmmmmmm I wonder why

  4. these are basic optical illusions. its still like staring into thin air an declaring "ahhhh see me some aliens". theres currently no evidence of any aliens, not even drawings in old caves nothing. ya realize it would take at minimum 8ooo years to get to the nearest star. Imagine an 8000 year trip. if there are little aliens out there in the cosmos, they are stuck with the same problem we are. limited optics, and separated by so much spacetime its not feasible to make a trip or to communicate, especially because even if theres hundreds of stars with aliens that are advanced, the odds of them finding earth are a near zero.

  5. The 10's of thousands of us who have seen off-world UFOs are disgusted with this negative reporting. UFOs are real and here yet the brainwashing continues… WAKE UP FFS

  6. The old reason why the UFO stories always censored cause probably it will make people re think on the god concept, yet the countries like China and Russia have different opinion on the god concept, why don't they open it to prove their concept is the right one?

  7. Well as usual I've seen x3 UFOs over Poland, bright whites light travelling 60,000 plus feet. incredible speeds, some slower, some faster. Regular occurrence 3 years plus!

  8. This UFO phenomena is happening all over the world witnessed by millions of people, I happen to like the explanation for them given by the You-Tube video, THE BIBLES EXPLANATION OF UFO’s produced by TOSEEKANDTOSAVE

  9. Astronaut Egdar Mitchell confirmed and released the Admiral Wilson memo from his meeting in the Pentagon about Unacknowledged Special Access Programs researching UFO wreckage from Roswell. Joint Chief of staff for Intelligence Admiral Tom Wilson was denied access to this USAP according to Mitchell

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