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President Joe Biden receives his up to date COVID-19 booster shot on Tuesday and urges different Individuals to do the identical heading into the vacation season.

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Greater than 20 million Individuals, together with practically one in 5 seniors, have already got gotten their up to date vaccine. The boosters goal the BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants of omicron, the variations of the virus which are most dominant within the U.S. and all over the world. Public well being officers say individuals who get the up to date vaccine are much less prone to get severely in poor health or die in the event that they grow to be contaminated with the virus.

Biden introduced a sequence of measures the federal government will take to encourage extra Individuals to get the booster, equivalent to internet hosting vaccination occasions and dealing with nationwide and community-based teams on household outreach packages.

Biden additionally known as on pharmacies to make it simpler for Individuals to get the booster by extending their hours and dealing with employers, faculties, nursing properties and different teams the place folks meet. The up to date boosters grew to become obtainable in September, however Biden needed to wait to get his as a result of he examined constructive for the virus in July.

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35 thoughts on “President Joe Biden receives a COVID-19 booster vaccine | US-TODAY.NET

  1. How hard they try to sell this 💉 shit to the people, its proofen that it dont even works already , because our Immunsystem knows this „virus“ very well from the Past and the Spikes do a lot of negative things to the Body… like autoimmundesease omg. We should let pur Immunsystem do his Job and better shoot some Vitamin D (makes a better Job 😉) Stop This Shit Please 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️.

  2. The worst scumbag lizards in the whole planet assembled together. These despicable soulless husks should have a Military Tribunal and be frogmarched to the nearest Gallows Pole

  3. Wuhan Institute of Virology
    Weapon of Mass Destruction

    COVID-19 (China Virus)
    Xi Variant (习氏变种)

    Made in China


  4. What an idiot! It isn't over folks. My company just MANDATED the new jabb or you are FIRED. And I work from home. VOTE THESE PSYCHOPATHS OUT! BRING OUT THE GUILLOTINE! Brandon and Fraudci did this!

  5. just a few months ago he wanted to federally mandate the government Kool-Aid to everyone. But with the midterms coming up he’s change his cloudy, dysfunctional mind.

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  8. No one falls for this anymore people wake up now. They can’t lock down anymore. Enough damages has been done it is time for the truth to be exposed and they will pay for the damages the big pharma. Puppets roll up the sleeves and try to convince the the population to get it done. Trudeau did the same. I would say ever since Joe got the jab he is speaking Gibresh

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