Ron DeSantis faces governor challenger forward of doable 2024 run | US-TODAY.NET

Specialists say Governor DeSantis has to defeat Charlie Crist if he desires to run for president in 2024.

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DeSantis’ emergence as a doable Republican presidential candidate in only a yr and a half has shadowed his re-election bid towards Crist, a former Republican governor who switched events greater than a decade in the past and most lately served as U.S. Congressman for Florida’s thirteenth District.

DeSantis rose in Republican political polls after his frequent clashes with President Joe Biden and his administration over COVID lockdown and vaccination insurance policies. DeSantis and Republican legislative allies dissolved the particular tax district for the Walt Disney Co. after it objected to a regulation that forbade academics from dialogue of sexual orientation and gender identification in kindergarten via third grade, often known as the “Do not Say Homosexual” invoice.

DeSantis licensed the transport of Venezuelan migrants from Texas to Martha’s Winery, a Democratic stronghold in protest of Biden immigration insurance policies. Whereas the transfer was fashionable amongst GOP Republicans, the nationwide controversy sparked a prison investigation and a federal class-action lawsuit. The swimsuit alleged the Florida governor licensed a fraudulent scheme that lured migrants with false info.

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22 thoughts on “Ron DeSantis faces governor challenger forward of doable 2024 run | US-TODAY.NET

  1. DeSantis lied about and concealed the facts of Florida's massive Covid deaths–inflicting his will by doing all things contrary to Viral Prophylaxis, all while more people were dying. People devastated from Hurricane Ian were blockaded from their homes for HIS PHOTO OPS! He calls Walt Disney World the employer of queers–politicizing even DISNEY and terrorizing already traumatized LGBTQ children. He uses illegal manipulation to frighten immigrants into becoming his personal political pawns. Imagine what this TYRANT would do in the Oval Office!!

  2. A Ukrainian nationalist comes home after a rally, tired, hungry, looks, an elevator is working in the entrance, runs into the apartment, and there his wife cooks food on gas, he is already sick, goes to the bathroom, and there is hot water.
    Sliding down the wall, he whispers:
    – That's right, the Russian invaders are back again!

  3. the Democratic party armies of racist and anti-semite racist BDS Nazi democratic racist anti-semite murderers BLM army's of millions falores and dollars and members Nation of Islam ideology regularly incorporates bigoted and discriminatory beliefs, particularly aimed at Jews, LGBTQ+ people, and white people. The NOI also promotes various conspiratorial beliefs, which frequently overlap with their other forms of bigotry.

  4. I agree that the choice is between the least of 2 far from perfect options. But I am really in awe of how biased is the media when still dubbing the law as "don't say gay". Has anyone cared to actually educate themselves to understand the ill intent of that moniker? Parents should have a say in their kids' education. (even more at a younger age)

  5. What would happen if the American people admitted that their system is failed? Would everyone’s head explode? Exactly what is everyone afraid of? Allot of our heads did not blow up. Try it.

  6. LOL, now they are talking about "he needs a blow out win", lmao. The media is so far left they are about to fall off the face of the earth.

  7. Charlie Crist Is a very pathetic Democrat fool altogether, just like all the other Democratic morons that are just out for themselves to destroy our country. Ron DeSantis will not do anything like that at all. Be very smart people, vote Republican.

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