Netanyahu on Putin and Ukraine: “I hope he is having second ideas” | US-TODAY.NET

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shares his ideas on democracy, Putin, and the struggle in Ukraine.

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If former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returns to energy in subsequent month’s elections, he’ll “look into” whether or not Israel will provide weapons to Ukraine and expects he could also be requested to mediate negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, he instructed US-TODAY.NET in an unique interview. “If I develop into prime minister, that query (of mediation) presumably will come up once more,” he mentioned.

Netanyahu, the longest-serving prime minister in Israel’s historical past and a lightning rod in Israeli politics, is eying a historic comeback. His fifth time period as chief of the right-wing Likud get together resulted in June 2021 when a coalition authorities consisting of eight events – encompassing the political spectrum – led by Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid rose to energy.

Israel has resisted important involvement within the struggle to keep up its strategic relationship with Moscow. That balancing act has develop into extra sophisticated as Iran started supplying drones to Russia. Netanhayu mentioned Russian President Vladimir Putin is “guided by his imaginative and prescient of reconstituting a fantastic Russian realm.”

“And I hope he is having second ideas about it,” he mentioned. “However I do not need to play psychologist. I need to be within the place of being prime minister, getting all the data, then making choices on what and if we do something on this battle past what has been performed up to now.”

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22 thoughts on “Netanyahu on Putin and Ukraine: “I hope he is having second ideas” | US-TODAY.NET

  1. Like part of western world Israel can help what can but only USA in this crisis have ballance answer in coordination with unit western. Its logical free western order and level what Putin respect in secret. That order keeping crisis on conventional war, and probably when time come give diplomatic win solution.

  2. Interesting 3 way tensions here….. Putin wants Netanyahu on side, Netanyahu is acutely conscious of Iran and its nuclear ambitions, Putin wants Iran on side and he buys weapons from them…Meanwhile as Iran p[rovides weapons to Hezbollah Israel wants to prevent this.

  3. Praying in Jesus name that Israel stays out of the Ukraine nightmare. It has its own national interests to consider and making Russia a bitter enemyt isn't one of them. Amen.

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  6. No one has to explain a word to PM Netanyahu and yes, if President Putin allows, I believe Netanyahu can be a tremendous help by talking sense to NATO.

  7. Putin will arm iran with nukes that's the problem now iran are in alliance with Russia.
    If Iran attacks Saudi Arabia it will cripple the west even more.
    Iran and Russia are a very dangerous alliance and a threat to the middle East and Europe.
    Hope Israel deals with Iran once and for all need to get rid of the Ayatollah regime.

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