New British PM Rishi Sunak: UK faces ‘profound financial problem’ | US-TODAY.NET #Shorts

Former finance minister Rishi Sunak accomplished a political comeback when he was chosen prime minister by Britain’s ruling Conservative Get together, simply seven weeks after he was crushed to workplace by Liz Truss. 

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Sunak, 42, would be the fifth British prime minister in six years, the third in lower than two months. He’s Britain’s first chief of South Asian descent, its first Hindu prime minister, and the nation’s first chief of shade. He’s the youngest prime minister of contemporary instances.

He gained an inner celebration contest to be the nation’s new chief following Truss’ Oct. 20 resignation. Her tenure was the shortest ever for a British prime minister and was marked by financial turmoil. British voters elect a celebration, not a particular chief, which means the ruling celebration has latitude to vary a primary minister with out calling an election. Sunak gained the celebration contest after his fundamental challenger, Penny Mordaunt, dropped out of the race. He mechanically turns into prime minister.

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32 thoughts on “New British PM Rishi Sunak: UK faces ‘profound financial problem’ | US-TODAY.NET #Shorts

  1. It’s about time that some one spoke of Liz truss because it was a huge mountain of disrespect that lost this lady a job that she knew wouldn’t be easy and it’s a man ‘s world as they say ?!!
    This great big Lie was brought to the world back in time when there was little education and some men who were lucky to receive that education manipulated there fellow being with there knowledge and hijack the world for there own ends ?!!!,.
    Unfortunately we have still got the historical families of that time influencing us to this day , they consist of the Elites , bankers , Royalty, Celerities , famous people , thinkers who have a one sided view of life and Religious leaders who are false guardians of the good lord and OMG , God almighty , who was a supernatural God who created us , and for some reasons the others mention above were jealousy of this great creator and decided that they could guide this world and people better than God himself and because they hadn’t seen him they took over the world as if he didn’t exist ????!!!.
    They did this when Jesus was walking this earth on behalf of his father God who trusted him to give a message that there was a better way for us all to live , only these greedy powerful people who felt they were God like hijack the situation and had Jesus killed on the cross because he was slowly losing them money and followers , as they saw the message of Jesus from the one true God was making a difference to the populations !! and that did not sit well with these people who had every thing and own every thing too!!!
    Today we are right back where we’re then and only in a bigger mess because we didn’t know these families of history who pass down there wealth and Knowledge had decided to take it up a notch !! , by actually proclaiming there right to a new world order , reset , deep state and the rest of there plan is one of disbelief because know one was surprised to know until after they destroyed the world as we know it , by denouncing God for real !?, as they realise his message is still a live and could take every thing away from them as God almighty (OMG ) never liked his children or people being enslaved and we have been since the time of Jesus !!, Jesus and God never really left us and they made sure that we had help always from the angel army God left behind to help us when we asked because of free will and free choice was given to us all at the start of life , he also left prayers for us to speak to him or Jesus and as you know many people do !!! billions in fact, also the angels , well they have seen that this group of Elites are not going to repent!! they are continuing with there
    ( End of Days Plan) This bring us to now and what I have already written here ,
    We had no idea that some one was planning another hijack of the world and they started it with COVID the pandemic it was going to be worst that it was ??!, only God has been watching this whole time and this was enough for him to know that these people were going to stop at nothing to hurt this world and his people , so he got in the way , the lock downs were to keep control of us to make sure we didn’t fight back as there are more of than us than them ( 99 percent more ) and they knew they would be in trouble if it got out !!, well it has and because we got through the lockdowns and vaccine issues they now have cause food storages , fuel and energy crises because the economy crises world wide didn’t have the impact that they thought it would so now it’s the old favourite way to deal with populations who might stand up and ask questions they don’t want to answer !!.They are scaring every one with War talk , and threatening the End of Days !!.
    They also use the media and Hollywood to make there ideas look like the whole world agrees with them and they destroy any one who gets in the way by manipulating information
    on the news desks world wide and papers , reporters they payed people to do this and they have all there Yes men and Woman in place where they can control out comes if some one had caught onto what they were doing Like Donald Trump and other good people who may have cause upset in the past by saying something no one like or was a person who rubbed people up the wrong way and they would use this to turn the people against them as you all know they have with him .
    Well they are now still talking war up and also the religious Leaders over the world are going to announce the new Ten Commandments on mount Arafat where the one true God gave Moses the real ones !!!
    Only Got has asked people he could trust to help him stop this invasion of his people by this group who want enslave you all again because when you realise something was wrong with COVID , the lock down and your rights been taken a way they knew they would have rethink there plans and they really believe the populations in all nations are to dumb to stop them as all there people are the right places , The United States are being destroyed by these people in the White House as we speak and every Country is under this siege because they have you all on there devices 24/7 hours a day , they think because you are entertain 24 hours a day you won’t notice there agenda !!!?
    Well this is one of them with the change of leaderships . A lot more is out there but the good lord is real and is showing them he is only one one who cares , they are arrogant enough not to believe in him and tell you he isn’t real by changing the ten Commandments !!!
    God wants his people to remember there prayers and pray and ask the angels to help as he will show that he is still healing and making miracles through prayer and why he can’t show himself physically as he has such a bright image it can hurt us , if you check the Exodus out and the stories of Noah and Moses both men and others were shocked when they went back to the people with messages from God because there skin was to bright for people to look at them , the ark of the Covenant was also a place God was!! and any one looking after it had to wear special things for protection and God is a great God who doesn’t teach( hate , abuse , anger, rape , racism , or any other thing that hurts people) only Elite’s do ?!! To keep there control as there is never enough for these people and climate change will be the reason for chip and pin to make sure they can find you incase you go missing or they want to cancel you because they don’t like you , my point is the more information you have that isn’t lies you will be able to see who is really there for all of us people and a better world and it not the new world order or any of there ideas they have , Gods plan was a good one , only he was hijacked twice but he put it right twice too , and he is doing it right now , don’t look to man to put it right as God knows only the ones he chooses !! are there for you , trust him and pray with him and get to know the God you have been ( groomed to forget) because he really does have power and not just man power his is supernatural 🙏🏻✊🏻🌏🤝🌏and he really loves you looks Jesus , we were a special planet and world and other Galactic Federations were in on it too , as we are not the only intelligences out in the universe Namaste

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