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At the very least three individuals died, together with the gunman, after a capturing at Central Visible and Performing Arts Excessive Faculty in St. Louis, police mentioned.

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Two individuals have been killed and 6 others have been injured after a gunman opened fireplace at a St. Louis highschool earlier than he was fatally shot by police on the scene Monday, officers mentioned.

An grownup girl and a teenage lady have been fatally shot at Central Visible and Performing Arts Excessive Faculty, and the shooter was shot by police inside the college, Commissioner Mike Sack mentioned in a information briefing.

“This can be a heartbreaking day for all of us,” Sack mentioned. “It’s gonna be powerful. Whereas on paper we could have 9 victims… now we have a whole lot of others. Everybody who survived goes to take dwelling trauma.”

Eight individuals, together with the gunman, have been taken to the hospital, Sack mentioned. The grownup girl died on the hospital, and the teenager lady died on the college. The suspect additionally died on the hospital, he added.

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34 thoughts on “St. Louis college capturing updates: At the very least two useless, suspect useless | US-TODAY.NET

  1. One justified gun death per 2 accidental deaths
    Five justified deaths per accidental child death
    About 1000 illegal deaths per justified death
    About 100 suicides per justified death
    About 100 homicides per 2 justified deaths

  2. While the US and its contemptible leaders continue to enjoy wallowing in the aftermath of murder that its own constitution encourages and promotes, pretending to grieve and wonder how such a thing could ever happen (knock me over with a feather), the rest of the world marvels at the perverse sado-masochism at the core of a powerful nation state that screams peace and mediation at the rest of us while killing its own. Baffling.

  3. 😭USA a Christian nation & killing with no reason, Disobediance of the Word of God Holy Bible Exodus 20:13
    The terrible numbers that grow with each mass shooting
    The places change, the numbers change, but the choice of weapon remains the same. In the United States, people who want to kill a lot of other people most often do it with guns.
    The Lord commanded us to rear ur kids in Biblical atmosphere but most of us dont do it & see the repercursions🙇‍♂️

  4. Blessings are being kept thousands of years in all Galaxies forever… here Small Angels up to 6 years old play and ruin every 2-5hours… The Head Angels reestablish Blessings restlessly… Middle brain with No-Never Compassion… if Maya has a Compassion she has to find space to live… Ftale… Angels slang is'to sew up' means to stay with no moving,  sew and keep Blessings from Small Angels,  but then they make holes in them…  for people to sew up means to be rushly busy…

  5. And the black ops, straight out of the Pentagram's gun-grab division, are going to continue & continue until the sheep are disarmed. Shortly after that, FBIRS goons will line you up at the nearest FEMA camp for 'processing.' Read: how the Nazis went about disarming the German population in the 1930s.

  6. *******Nobody *******even******* questioning the story…geesh,****** wake up people.many of these are not what they appear. everyone so quick to believe our corrupt lying media/govt…stop, question, think critically and do your own research on these school shootings. always a big uptick right before elections..that alone should give people pause. God help us all.


  7. Sad there’s nothing the government can do or want to do and just give us prayers and leave the people to figure it out and unfortunately I don’t see shooting’s going away anytime soon so everyone pls be safe and be aware of your surroundings and be ready to run hide and fight and don’t hesitate just do what you have to do to save your soul

  8. Jesus is Coming very soon get ready 🙌
    Great News: this is not our home.
    Our Home is in Heaven Amen 🙏
    Repent and Believe in the Gospel Amen 🙏

    No matter how worthless or dirty you feel from sin always remember Holy Blood of Jesus can make you whiter than snow Amen

  9. OK to be honest who’s keep on doing this shootings flip you cause this is me and they’re dying they’re just innocently never did nothing to you if you wanna keep being a murderer you’re not gonna be in heaven you’re gonna be in hell all right invest all those people who died in that high school now you’re in a good place in heaven and everything‘s gonna be calm and you’re gonna be with God and Jesus amen 💞💕💖💗💓❤️❤️💜💝💘

  10. High school will always be a very dark, anxiety-inducing memory for me. Luckily, I had a supportive family that helped me through it. The shooter's letter said that he had no support system whatsoever.

    Young men, who have concluded that they are not worthy of acceptance and purpose, are susceptible to retreat into anger, depression, escapism and crime.

    Establishing preemptive measures for reckless access to firearms is only half the equation. We need to take the well-being of this generation into serious account–socially, physically, and psychologically.

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