Joe Biden awards fallen NYPD officers Medal of Valor | US-TODAY.NET

President Joe Biden awarded fallen NYPD officers Wilbert Mora and Jason Rivera, killed within the line of responsibility, the Medal of Valor.

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Two New York Metropolis law enforcement officials who had been ambushed and killed within the line of responsibility had been acknowledged for his or her braveness on Wednesday when President Biden awarded them the Medal of Valor, the nation’s highest honor for bravery by a public security officer.

“From small cities and bity cities, you are minimize from the identical material,” Biden stated of the honorees. “You run into hazard when everybody else runs away from hazard. You possess a selflessness that is actually inconceivable to clarify. And your bravery is one which evokes.”

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26 thoughts on “Joe Biden awards fallen NYPD officers Medal of Valor | US-TODAY.NET

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