Kevin McCarthy to taxpayers on debt ceiling: ‘It is popping out of your pocket’ #Shorts

Home Speaker Kevin McCarthy mentioned he and President Joe Biden had a “productive dialogue” on the debt ceiling however nonetheless lack an settlement.

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President Joe Biden and Home Speaker Kevin McCarthy appeared to make progress however didn’t attain an settlement throughout a pivotal White Home assembly on elevating the debt ceiling 10 days earlier than a possible default. “I felt we had a productive dialogue,” McCarthy informed reporters following the roughly one-hour assembly. “We don’t have an settlement but.”

The high-stakes Oval Workplace assembly, which lasted about an hour, got here after negotiations took a step backwards over the weekend amid long-standing disagreements on spending cuts sought by Republicans.

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44 thoughts on “Kevin McCarthy to taxpayers on debt ceiling: ‘It is popping out of your pocket’ #Shorts

  1. Impeach him nothing wrong in getting more tax from rich big companies he doesn’t want cos he’s already getting plenty from companies criminals the lot of republicans 👹

  2. It is coming out of the Pockets of the working poor, and you want to cut benefits. I've got a brilliant idea, why don't you tax the corporations, the 1 percent billionaires and the international cabals and keep the benefits available?! Oh yes, I forgot you are the Publican party and you tto the wealthy.
    I guess we can stop meals in schools, Medicare, SSI, food stamps and anything else that benefits the working poor, the middle class. Right on McCarthy, we have to quit subsidizing the poor so we can kow tow and subsidize the weathy, and Make America Great Again. Lol

  3. Where were speeches like this the 3 times they raised debt ceiling during Trumps 1 term? He’s so full of crap. He knows damn well that the “debt ceiling “ is an arbitrary mechanism created by congress to give the appearance of fiscal restraint but that it applies to $ already spent and our constitution and rightly so says that the debt of the United States shall be paid and will not be questioned, period!

  4. F*ck this! We need a one child policy or just force abortions. This is absolutely unfair to the point that we (adults) are living a pointless existence, and we are literally paying money for other people's fetuses (which are comprised of about 45% of accidents)

  5. When is Amazon going to pay a penny in federal income tax?!!! Biden better stand his ground DO NOT CAVE IN TO THE TERRORISTS ON THE RIGHT!!! Matt the sex trafficker Geatz called us and the Democratic Party their hostages!!! I have never witnessed grown adults with so much power act like kindergarteners!!! The world is watching and laughing at what they see!! China and Russia in tue other hand can’t thank the 🍌 Republics for doing their job for them!!!

  6. How fast Zkevin forgot he cheered when the Zrepublicans changed the tax code so the top 2% didn’t have a tax bill. Did he not know this would blow back on all of us working class? Kevin we see you.

  7. And you can bet that this guy and the rest of them that it wont effect them one bit ,seeing how they are the ones that STUFFED THIER POCKETS

  8. We can Delete all of Congress and the Senate Health Care for the rest of their life.
    And put you all on a Quota Pay Scale, No production.
    NO Pay.

  9. Black American children has had a bill on their shoulders since slavery of their ancestors. That included murder, kidnapping, grand theft, and of course, slavery. Caucasian people, get use to it. The only way the national debt will decrease is the reconstitution of slavery.

  10. Fear tactics like what can happen if we don't raise the debt ceiling is ineffective to most Americans. We're fighting like Hell to pay our bills & provide for our families with inflation skyrocketing. "Let them eat cake!"

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