Mike Pence criticizes ‘woke Disney’ whereas slamming Ron DeSantis | US-TODAY.NET

Former Vice President Mike Pence stated he “totally helps” Florida’s problem to Walt Disney over “woke” insurance policies however criticizes authorities overreach.

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Disney is canceling a $1 billion venture that will have relocated 2,000 jobs to Central Florida amid a dispute with Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has handed a number of payments focusing on the corporate after it opposed certainly one of his signature insurance policies.

DeSantis has been feuding with Disney for the reason that firm opposed HB 1557, formally referred to as the Parental Rights in Schooling regulation however derided by critics because the “Do not Say Homosexual” invoice. He referred to as the Legislature into particular session to finish Disney’s self-governing standing and take management of the particular district that governs Disney’s properties in Central Florida after the corporate’s stance.

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31 thoughts on “Mike Pence criticizes ‘woke Disney’ whereas slamming Ron DeSantis | US-TODAY.NET

  1. He says something like this and we wonder why the corporations kowtow to Democrats… They are not afraid to use the government to attack corporations who don’t toe the line.

  2. Personal not a fan of the Woke mentality, comparing the idea of being criticized to being physically attacked, changing of pronouns to fit a persons idea of themselves, pulling the race card every opportunity, though AT THE SAME TIME, as a Floridian I hate seeing the law get twisted and distorted to fit agenda Ron's agenda. Oh they Disney posted something on twitter that contradicts what I do? Remove their special tax status. Oh the TB Rays donated and posted on twitter for a non profit that helps support victims of gun violence, then they lose their 35 million of state funding for a new spring training facility, because he says "they were promoting a anti-gun legislation"?!?!? NO, but then realized he was wrong but said they he didn't want to give money to billionaires to support their sports teams, even though the Dolphins received funds to help refurbish parts of their stadium and shockingly they just stayed out of it, and got to keep their money. I don't care if I agree with your agenda, distorting the law to punish critics is wrong every time. What happened to first amendment rights?

  3. I think Mike Pence is a good person. Unfortunately, I see him as having a messianic neocon Warhawks vision of American empiricism, which will continue a never-ending war, which will end mankind.

  4. Pence has no chance, he’s too vanilla. I think DeSantis will beat Trump in the primaries and then the general election will decide the ultimate direction this country wants to take.

  5. Mike , you should drop out now, we want a racist, all white man America, you see we really want only us so we can be gay all day every day without woman or non whites destroying our culture/orgy. Gop2024 make America white male gay again

  6. I mean, Disney park is also located in Florida. DeSantis is protecting his territory. I see nothing wrong with what he is doing.

  7. I mean can you say Ron when after Disney? Sure… but can you also say Disney receives special privileges that is afforded to no other company in florida? Yes. And those privileges can be taken away if they start speaking out against common sense and the government's policy installed in the state… of course with just an emphasis on "special privileges" given to them

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