Passenger opens emergency exit door throughout flight | US-TODAY.NET

A passenger opened an emergency exit door whereas the airplane was in flight. The airplane was in a position to land safely with solely accidents reported.

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No less than 12 individuals suffered accidents Friday after officers mentioned a passenger opened an Asiana Airways industrial airplane door throughout a mid-air flight in South Korea

The incident happened on an Airbus A321 jet in East Asia because the airplane, carrying 194 individuals was heading to the town of Daegu from the southern island of Jeju, Asiana Airways and authorities officers confirmed.

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49 thoughts on “Passenger opens emergency exit door throughout flight | US-TODAY.NET

  1. I like how no one is freaking out. If this was in Europe or America everyone would be screaming for their lives. Asians just have a chill factor that's untouchable lol

  2. I don't understand why we are so lax with rules and laws. That person will have pretty much zero consequences maybe a small fine. They should literally be banned from flying for life.

  3. So the two passengers seated at that door thought that everything was in order. They should be composted on arrival for lack of humanity. Why did anyone who seen this suspicious behavior do something? They all had a death wish!

  4. Rumor has it that was his wife next to him and he had $7 million in life insurance on her. They bought a house last year that has dropped in value, so he decided to cash in on the life insurance to pay for the underwater mortgage he took out.

  5. And this is why they need stricter background checks. If he just left the mental hospital and is taking a flight. Don't put him next to the emergency exit door. Lil FYI for free

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  7. (“I”)would rather pay thousands of dollars to fly private than to pay a few hundred to fly commercial. It’s not even up for debate at this point. People are just so ignorant to everyone else and their safety.

    People just don’t care.

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