Dems name McCarthy’s impeachment inquiry announcement ‘absurd’ #Shorts

Home Speaker Kevin McCarthy ordered Home Republicans to open an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

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Home Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., introduced that the Home will open a proper impeachment inquiry in opposition to President Joe Biden, escalating a Republican investigation that began in January when the GOP took majority management of the decrease chamber.

The Home Oversight, Judiciary and Methods and Means committees will lead the inquiry after months of investigating Biden, whom Republicans say benefited from his son Hunter Biden’s enterprise dealings.

“At the moment I’m directing our Home committee to open a proper impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden,” McCarthy stated at a information convention Tuesday. “This logical subsequent cease will give our committees the complete energy to collect all of the details and solutions for the American public.”

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45 thoughts on “Dems name McCarthy’s impeachment inquiry announcement ‘absurd’ #Shorts

  1. Car gas was around $2.00 when Joe took office,gas is now around$4.oo to $5.00 per gal of gas,food is way higher,we are in a higher level of paying more and getting less,it is time to clean up this mess now😊😊😊😊,less talk more action,God bless,brother art

  2. But yet they tried impeach a president not once but after he was no longer president they illegally tried to impeach him again while no longer in office or anything they can dish but not take it boohoo grow some balls democrats you opened pandoras box and you can't shut it now.

  3. thanks for the advice. Hey chuck! and your dem cronies instead of going off the deep end with these witch hunts listen to the American people stop inflation by eliminating over spending, omnibus bills, close the border, drill and get our costs down, get Trump days of energy independence, protect our borders, valid ID all legal ballots only, streamlined immigration, resume stay in mexico if entering illegally or jailed in mexican jail, america first trade, peace through strength and peace with russia nato with military nuetrality 🙏

  4. ALLLLL The Dems do is Witch HUNT for anything and everything that doesn't exist.
    If you cab legitimately take Schumer seriously, about doing things to make our lives better, after seeing the way they've spent the last 7 years….
    Then you have a serious mental deficiency, and it would benefit you to get a diagnosis.

  5. Schumer: “They just wanna per sue their own witch hunt “. That means he knew what they were doing first to Trump.
    He’s thinking, ‘no republicans, you can’t do what we did’.

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