Short-term gun ban in New Mexico sparks backlash from neighborhood #Shorts

The backlash over New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s short-term gun ban is being heard all through the state.

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New Mexico’s governor has moved to briefly droop the precise to hold firearms in public in counties with excessive charges of violent crime, a transfer she stated was essential to curb gun violence however one which swiftly prompted authorized challenges and outcry from native regulation enforcement officers.

Friday’s order from Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat, targets cities and counties averaging 1,000 or extra violent crimes per 100,000 residents a 12 months since 2021, in keeping with the FBI’s crime information. The municipality should additionally expertise greater than 90 firearm-related emergency division visits per 100,000 residents from July 2022 to June 2023.

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29 thoughts on “Short-term gun ban in New Mexico sparks backlash from neighborhood #Shorts

  1. It's so easy to see the governor's plin 2016. They made the laws of New Mexico soft on crime in band cash bail, creating a massive crime wave. Then, in two thousand twenty, they opened the border, allowing in tons of drugs, poverty, and all the criminals from south america's prisons. Now in 2023, they want to take the law. Binding citizens guns away, leaving them totally vulnerable to societal collapse. And the next Step will be a communist takeover because nothing else has work

  2. Because most gun related crime is done from lawful owners. Just like any other politician. Try to target the problem and not punish those who don’t cause harm. A 30 day ban is still against constitutional rights. The black market is what you should target.

  3. Why won’t they arrest her for committing a felony crime under federal law 18 usc 241 – 242
    They already gave her a pass on the sexual battery charges in which she paid $150000 in hush money before the election!!!

  4. Here's the reality of why this governor did what she did.
    It gave her air time and national press coverage. As she bids to be the VP on the Democrat ticket for the Whitehouse. Kamala has had four years of coverage and proven herself to be a complete moron. She this governor is saying look at me.

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